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In nature, innovative design determines the success of a species in the course of evolution. As in nature, design in the network of visual language means, the union of graphic design and the conscious use of typography as a creative process, determines the quality and comprehensibility of a message.


Illustrating is not simply the depiction of the habitus and surface structure of a living being in fine quality as photography can do, but also to express its essence and its organism in a comprehensible and understandable way.


The visualization of natural processes in the form of diagrams is able to articulate complex scientific facts without language barriers.





Book project2015 - 2021

Illustration work for:
Die Sinne der Tiere
Textbook of comparative sensory physiology
Author: Prof. Dr. Stephan Frings

Release Date: November 11, 2021
ISBN 978-3-662-63232-1
PDF Produktflyer Springer Spektum Verlag


Matt Jan-Gerard Maassen-Pohlen: after completing the techn. vocational training, first activity in the field of preserving and creative nature conservation since 1980. After professional experience in the field of graphic representations for technical descriptions and operating instructions, he studied visual communication.
Helga Pohlen: studied product design, both at the University of Applied Sciences Krefeld, Germany with emphasis on illustration work as well as the graphic analysis of moving bodies and dealing with living things and their organization on canvas under Prof. W. Zaiser.

Freelance scientific illustrator and graphic designer since 1987: Visual communication, project-accompanying photo journalism and scientific illustration, museum models and small dioramas.
Particularly specialized in the design of interpretive panels and nature trail boards for environmental education as well as zoo boards. Collaboration in cultural, scientific and industrial film projects in Egypt, Thailand, USA ... as well as in current reporting.
Journeys from Timor to Spitsbergen shape the worldview.
Since 2010 based and active in the Eifel under UrftValley-Art.

Represented by VG Bild-Kunst / Bonn:
M.J.G Maassen-Pohlen Picture-Art-Author N° 712 556
H. Pohlen Image Art Author N° 759 720

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