• NABU conservation organisation -
Panels - Educational Trail installations - Exposé information centre - Public relation work - areal scenic scale model
• German Federal Environment Agency Berlin /IWG Krefeld-
diagrams and illustrations - photography
• City of Viersen/IWG Krefeld - Campain “Low Townspeed”
• Environmental Center Krefeld - illustrated interpretation panels
• Geologic State Agency NRW/Telescope Film -
Animated illustration of pollen analysis
• City of Buechen - historical- and geological models
• Oceanwaves
(today Rutter, Canada), wave monitoring "Wamos II" - CI, logo, public relation work, diagrams, illustrations, photography
• German Television ZDF, ARD, 3Sat: - Animated
illustrations of DNA transfer Agrobacterium tumfaciens (exploitation)
• 3Sat: Seeds of Hope/H.v.Matthey/Telescope Film -
Animated illustr. development stage of Nematode Heterodora schachtii
• Ministry of agriculture, environment and rural areas,
State of Schleswig-Holstein - illustrated interpretation panels
• Provincial Capital Hannover - illustrated interpretation panel
• National Park Gesaeuse, Austria -
classical und interactive illustrated interpretation panels
• Rural District Soemmerda, Germany - Illustrated poster of

flora an fauna
• Fondation Hëllef fir d'Natur, Luxemburg - illustrated interpretation panels
• Zoological Garden of Saarbruecken, illustrated interpretation panels
• Wildwald Vosswinkel, Germany - exploitation of illustration work
• Naturparks Spessart, Germany - illustrated interpretation panels
• Exploitation and commissioned illustration work - University of Heidelberg/Springer Publishers and other
international press, books an magazines